How we work

We measure the success of our work through your criteria. We balance the so-called “hard factors” of strategy, product, process and structure with “soft” factors such as knowledge, skills, culture, behavior and identity.

We take a holistic view of the organization: current business model, assets and capabilities, processes, organizational structure, the people, the teams; and of course, company values. We work with our clients to determine what must be retained and what must be redefined in order to achieve goals for innovation and growth.

We accompany transformation projects until the new organization has achieved go-live or “routine operations”, unless otherwise desired.

Our work begins with the leadership team: successful change requires that senior leaders are aligned in terms of where they want to go, and what needs to change. We work with our client’s organization to define and understand existing strengths and weaknesses, the goals and key challenges, and any current initiatives underway to address these.

If the target business model is not yet defined, we work with our clients to explore potential new models, determine how to leverage current capabilities and define which new capabilities need to be acquired in order to excel in new business areas.