Our Services

Management Consultation

We consult companies on all aspects of business transformation. We provide holistic and action-oriented consultation from strategy development to implementation, including product concept development, business process design and organizational design.


We support leaders finding a personal way to respond to challenges associated with change. We accompany leaders who are new in their position. We support leaders in dealing with challenges like imposter syndrome or in developing their personal future visions.

Agile Coaches

As agile coaches we support implementation of agile development processes (Scrum and Kanban) and we accompany organizational adjustments.

Interim Management

Based on our experience and expertise we are asked to take on interim manager mandates. We actively add value to our client’s organization particularly in situations when work and decisions to be made are difficult, in cross-cultural projects or within global organizations.

We most typically take over interim management mandates in cases of managing transformations, organizational re-design or while building-up a new business unit.

Team Development Practitioner

As a senior executive and highly experienced global R&D leader, our Managing Partner Christoph supports international leadership teams from kick-off to development into a high-performance team. He supports teams in defining their goals and determining, prioritizing and handling their key challenges.

R&D and Innovation Expert

As an R&D and innovation expert Christoph works with R&D leadership teams to reduce complexity and time to market by improving processes and organizations. He advises, for example, on strategy implementation, modular development approaches, or capability and partner management. He consults on creating prerequisites for innovation.